F3 Copley

The Beastmother

Thu., Mar. 30, 2023

13, 89

Thu., Mar. 30, 2023 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Numbers 89 (31 for Jan +28 of Feb+30 of March) and 21 days of my 44th year of life
PAX took turns picking their Fav and calling cadence for reps of 31 / 28 / 30. Things I remember @Hardware and @IcyHot made sure Monkeys were humped. @Comeback Kid – jumping squats and bonny blairs.
Complains / feedback were welcomed with 5 burpees 🙂


Purpose – I have not found mine. I do not know what God’s unique purpose that he has designed for me. I also wrongly think of purpose as bringing me lot of money, fame and pleasure. But what I know I can do as The great Grand Pabbie said in Frozen 2 – When things are unclear do the next right thing. The right thing is often thing that is not glamorous – for me it is serving my family – wife, kids and mom – in that order. Practicing the Servant part of servant leadership. So my call to you guys is that – don’t wait for the grand purpose. Channel Grand Pabbie – Do the next right thing. Love you men. It was a privilege to lead you.

https://youtu.be/IYtXvlOfSiQ jump to 1:48 for the words of the wise.