Don’t be so negative…just take it slow

Sat., Mar. 27, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Neck Rolls, Shoulder Circles, Turn & Bounce, Tappy Taps, Sun Salutations, Bear Squats


Exercises were all done slow and controlled to work on some negatives of the motion.
150 yd run – goal line to goal line back to 50 yd line
50 yd run
80 yd run, 40 squats, 80 yd backward run
60 yd run, 30 step back lunges, 60 yd backward run
40 yd run, 20 merkins, 40 yd backward run
20 yd run, 10 spiderman merkins, 20 yd backward run
50 yd run, 5 toe taps per leg, 50 yd backward run
50 yd run, 20 LBC, 50 yd backward run
100 yd run, 20 squats, 100 yd backward run
80 yd run, 15 step back lunges, 80 yd backward run
40 yd run, 10 merkins, 40 yd backward run


Plankorama – high plank, right plank, left plank as we count around the circle
Pickle pointers – 10 count
Boat position – like v-ups but in stages – 10 count


Great post this morning with 3 new FNG…or 2.5 as @half time got in half a workout. Great to see new faces posting.
Just because someone can carry their burden well doesn’t mean that it isn’t heavy. My burden has been really heavy the last couple years and I appreciate those in the group that I have been able to lean on to help me carry the burden. Keep an eye on your friends and family and be there for them when their burden becomes too heavy for them to carry alone.
Not mentioned in the COT, but you are never alone. God is always there with you helping you carry the burden. Lean on him when you are in need.
It is always an honor and a pleasure to lead this group of men.