Rene Hero WOD

Sat., Apr. 17, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Arm Circles Forwards and Backwards 4 count X15, Michael Phelps OYO, Waist Bends OYO, Turn and Bounce 4 count X10, Bear Squats OYO


Rene Hero WOD:
  1. 400 M Run
  2. 21 Walking Lunges
  3. 15 Pullups – Modified to 15 inverted rows
  4. 9 Burpees
4 Rounds = Beginner
5 Rounds = Intermediate
7 Rounds = Expert
7 Rounds with weighted vest = Goggins


Danish Army Sgt Rene Brink Jakobsen of Vang, Denmark lost his life to IED in Helmand Province, Afghanistan at the age of 39. His story provided us with some perspective on life. When we think about Afghanistan or any other event around the world we think about how it affects us in the U.S., when in reality it affects everyone in the world. His story is reminder to stay humble and realize that the world does not revolve around us.