Tabata is riding the Bench

Mon., May. 3, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Ballerina, Turn&Bounce, ArmSwings, Tabby Taps, Mini-Motivator


Group of 4 or 6 Pax.
45sec exercise, 20sec recovery. Rotate and repeat, each pax every station twice
Round 1
Pax 1&2: decline Merkin with feet on bench
Pax 2&4: Squats while holding the bench
Pax 5&6: SSH
Round 2
Pax 1&2: dips on edge of bench
Pax 2&4: step over bench
Pax 5&6: 20yard sprint and backwards
Round 3
Pax 1&2: crawl below bench + merkin
Pax 2&4: Lt. Dans
Pax 5&6: Skips on bench


9 MOM (45sec work/15sec rest)
1. Freddy Mercury
2. Swimmers
3. LBC
4. Side Hip Raise left
5. Big Boys
6. Pickle Pointer
7. Jackknife Crunch
8. Side Hip Raise Right
9. Butterfly cross Crunch


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