Laughs with hidden workout

Sat., Jul. 3, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am




laughs with hidden workout (pick’em and gett’em) F3 4corner workout with F3 Challenge (your least liked Corner) The Motivator 10


Thankful for Independence Day and those who served and sacrificed so we could have Freedom. However, we must place all of our Dependence on God. We can do nothing without Him of Kingdom value and our need for Him actually gives us Freedom not to lean on our own understanding.
Praises to @Iced-T for recording great sound and the courage to share. Prayers for @Software friend for who is continuing to Battle health regarding Kindneys. Also, @JarJar friend who is dealing with abuse issues within her marriage. Praying for boundaries to be set in place before something terrible happens. Prayers @6 Pack heels and plantar fasciitis. One last prayer request for @FLO that today’s Pax doesn’t kill him for keeping the keys 2 weeks in a row lol:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: love you @FLO
Thanks Brother’s for allowing me to lead you. I always count it an honor and privilege. #ChasingLions