KB Workout

Tue., Jul. 27, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am




200 yd run with extended  PVC and body weight mobility.. And neck rolls for The Thang:
4 rounds
20 Russian kettle bell swings
15  Goblet squats
10 overhead lunges (5 L hand + 5 R hand)
15  Dead lift rows
20  High pulls
30 second rest in between rounds


Prayer request for @Garcia Garcia With the loss of a grandparent and the family struggles that exist with a loss. May God’s grace and peace be hovered around them.
@pixie Request for prayer for our country in its division. If we could shut off the TV and social media that control the narrative and just look left and right as we walk out of our door to love on people The division would not exist. God’s family table is pretty big.
We discussed how small problems and shouldn’t feel like the end all. Things don’t alway go right. Relationships are are messy sometimes. I found in myself that if I can look past the issues and see the person or thing I am working towards then I can get out of the funk. Look at it from the 36,000 foot view is always clearer.
Thank you @Atari for your frequent prayers