F3 Medina


Sun., May. 7, 2023


Sun., May. 7, 2023 / 06:30 am - 08:00 am / Austin Badger



@Shugah (who brought the coffee- thanks for that) @Squid @French Lick and @Squealer covered 3.25 miles of rigorous ruckage combined with some brief talk about a book that everyone agreed is terrible. @Squid is working on Plan B for later this month, but we decided we need to finish what we started, which we are planning to do next week at a mother’s day ruck that will be lightly attended.Other discussion points included the unanimous consensus that Austin Badger is an unsuitable location for the Memorial Day Murph, other books and authors that are better than the one we are reading (i.e, all of them), summer vacation planning and some other odds and ends.