F3 Brunswick

Brunswick Softies

Tue., Apr. 19, 2022

Paying The Bridge Trolls

Tue., Apr. 19, 2022 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick

Scratch n Sniff


High knees
Butt kickers
Brief stretching


There are 3 bridges to cross on the 1mile loop. An exercise ‘payment’ needed to be paid before crossing the bridge.

50 side straddle hops
25 merkins

10 burpees
1 min plank

1 min squat hold
Bear crawl across bridge (this sucked a lot)

After returning to the parking lot from the bear crawl, we did a partner style finish, with coupons.

Until the partner returned from the dash.


20 Imperial Walkers (4-count)


Pay the toll!

Nothing in life is free.

Everything comes at some form of ‘expense’.

You made it here today, and you survived the workout.  You just paid the price of better fitness, better health, a longer life, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing through something difficult with like-minded men who wish to do the same. A toll isn’t always financial, or in the case of this workout ‘physical’. Sometimes the toll is time, which is the most precious commodity of all. Give your family and friends your time and attention. Give your time freely and often and you will be better off because of it.