F3 Brunswick

Watershed Wallop

Thu., Nov. 9, 2023

Taking Turns Shouldering the Burden

Thu., Nov. 9, 2023 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick



We strapped on our weight vests, grabbed some kettlebells and busted our traps/forearms for 30 minutes of a simple-bordering-on-monotonous beatdown. The task: farmer’s carry your chosen weight (kettlebells/blocks between 60 and 30lbs) to the other end of the parking lot….do 20 calf raises, drop the weight and ruck at a determined pace back to the other end, do another 20 calf raises, ruck back at a equally determined pace, grab the weights, do the calf raises and repeat… and repeat… and repeat…


Combo movements without rest in between switches:

  • 6” holds/leg raises (10 raises, 100 seconds of holds)
  • LBC/gas pumps (50 of each)
  • L/R side crunches (40 of each)


Had a really nice conversation with a friend last night who is in need of some thoughts and prayers…

We tend to ask the people we care about, “how was your day?” It is rooted in caring about that person and presents an opportunity to be there for them in celebrating successes and comforting during challenges. So, it is awesome. However, what if we played a more active role in supporting them going into their day instead of as the capper… what if we asked (and were asked) “what do you need to help you smile today?”… the answer has so many directions it can take… smiling that day may mean that person’s need to cry… need to vent… need to grab ice cream together… need for some alone time to read a book… so many different things… but, most importantly, means the need to trust you that you’re there for them… (and vice versa).

For me, that is largely where love lies.. in supporting your partner/kid/friend/family member’s personal growth and wellbeing… and them supporting yours… and love lives in that overlap in the energy of each individual’s appreciation of your role in acknowledging their
needs as individuals.

Anyway, just a thought to perhaps work that simple question into your days with your loved ones… seems like it could lead to happier versions of you both individually… and together.