F3 Copley

Running with Kettle Bells

Wed., Apr. 3, 2024


Wed., Apr. 3, 2024 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Dora – pax paired up and share the reps with a partner – the other partner ran to the far side of the parking lot and did two burpees and then ran back. Exercises were completed with coupons and up to two rounds completed.  200 reps for round 1 and 100 reps for round 2.

200-100 merkins
200-100 OH press
200-100 curls
200-100 squats
200-100 big boys


After my recent vacation to Disney, I saw several families having breakdowns and arguing due to the stress of Disney.  We need to take a step back in life and enjoy these times.  Focus on getting to know your family again. We tried to focus on only positivity and having fun during the long lines. Overall, this allowed us to have a much better experience. I don’t understand paying all that money to be miserable. Embrace the suck is what we talked about. Focus on how you can have a positive spin on the tough times.