F3 Copley

Running with Kettle Bells

Wed., Nov. 29, 2023

23 glorious minutes

Wed., Nov. 29, 2023 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Yes, No, Maybe So, Claps- Overhead and Seal, Michael Phelps, Turn and bounce, Tappy Taps, and Imperial Walkers


23 glorious minutes of Running with Kettlebells, set to music. Carry the bell in your right hand as far as you can, while running, switch to left hand and carry as far as you can. Set the bell down do 10 reps of your favorite exercise, run to the farthest endpoint and back to retrieve your bell, rinse and repeat. Ended with stretching.


Thought of the day comes from Mike Tomlin again as he says “The standard IS the standard”, meaning their is no mediocrity in the standard. Our standard is Jesus Christ, the perfect standard. We strive as men to be more and more like Him. We will never achieve perfection but keep praying and pushing to be like Jesus in all you do. Love you guys. Have a great day!!