F3 Copley

Sunday Fun Run

Sun., Sep. 10, 2023

Boston Visitor Center, Peninsula

Sun., Sep. 10, 2023 / 06:00 am - 07:30 am / Sand Run Park



4.78 miles on Buckeye Trail with a small detour to Blue Hen Falls courtesy of @Spicy Lamb.  As many times that I have ran this trail, I have never taken the time to visit the falls, so it was a welcome sidetrack.  Though that xtra 50 yards almost cost me making it to the car.  As my hip gave out at 4.77 miles, was able to limp the rest of way.  Can’t say I left anything in the tank. 


As a runner we always have the need for the payoff in our training.  Whatever that may be, the faster mile split, better climbing power, race PR, or even just the medal after the race. Without that payoff it becomes tough to justify the hard work that comes with staying in shape.  But sometimes the payoff is something different.  This week I went for my pre test for my surgery.  The nurse called me a “unicorn” because they don’t see a lot of people that can answer no to every question they ask, excellent blood pressure, and just overall healthy numbers.  My wife looked at me and said “F3” and I nodded and said yep.  The point is the payoff is not always that physical finish line but just general all around good health.  Thanks for joining me today for my last run for at least awhile, special shoutout to @Spicy Lamb for hanging with me the whole way and great conversation at coffee.