F3 Copley

The Beastmother

Thu., Apr. 11, 2024


Thu., Apr. 11, 2024 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School

Comeback Kid


Dora – pax pared up with two coupons. While one of the pair worked on the exercises (300 bodyweight squats, 200 lunges and 100 4-count standing side crunches “hillbillies”) the other farmer carried the two blocks to the other end of the parking lot and did two man makes. Then he left the blocks there, ran back to his partner and switched places with him. This was followed by plank-o-rama. It was wet but warm!


There is a fitness guy that I follow on Instagram that I saw a great quote from today. He was battling mental health issues because of his PTSD (he was in special forces and fought in the middle east) and was in a bad place at a mental hospital. Here is what he says: “This was the first time I got on my knees and prayed hard and honest to God about my situation and pleaded for his intervention. I cried out because I was hopeless and lost in my situation. He didn’t answer in a thunderous boom but a continuous whisper over the last 13 years.” Growth is slow, it is gradual and even sometimes it comes at a snail’s pace but, if you listen and strive, you will keep moving forward. Thanks for bending your ear to what I had to say today and for joining in the workout!