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Mon., Aug. 8, 2022

100 seconds of BS

Mon., Aug. 8, 2022 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



To celebrate my 100th Post, the Pax partnered up for this fun workout. Timer was set for 100 seconds. Partners ran 100 yards then Partner 1 did Burpees and Partner 2 did Surrenders until Timer went off. Then the partners switched exercises. Rinse and repeat until cleared.


Song ‘Graves into Gardens’ by Elevation Worship

I’m not afraid
To show You my weakness
My failures and flaws
Lord, You’ve seen ’em all
And You still call me friend’Cause the God of the mountain
Is the God of the valley
There’s not a place
Your mercy and grace
Won’t find me again

I need to remember the God that is with me on the mountain (Good Times) is the same God that is with me in the valleys (Bad Times).