F3 Copley

WOD Friday

Fri., Apr. 12, 2024

Hero WOD MA3 Oscar Temores

Fri., Apr. 12, 2024 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Arm Circles, Turn-and-Bounce, Michael Phelps, Tappy Taps, Flamingos, Catcher pose things.


Hero WOD MA3 Oscar Temores (dedicated to Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Oscar Temores, U.S. Navy, who was killed when his patrol car was struck by a vehicle that forcibly sped through the security checkpoint at the main gate of Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA, on November 30, 2019.)

8 Rounds, In Cadence:
11 Hand Release Push-Ups
30 Walking Lunges
19 Sit-Ups

After Oscar Temores, Pax (sufficiently saturated at this point) circled up for coupon work, doing 2 sets (25 reps then 15 reps) of:

Overhead Press
Dips on the coupon
Weighted Squats


“Unhappiness is not knowing what you want and killing yourself to get it.” – Don Harold, writer.
I’m very guilty of this. Guys, set goals, refer back to them often, measure your progress. A byproduct of doing so just might be a bit more happiness in your life.