F3 Hudson

The OG

Sat., Mar. 30, 2024

Focker’s 8x8 aka: NINTENDO SIXTY-FOUR!!!!!

Sat., Mar. 30, 2024 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Christ Community Chapel



Some dynamic work and stretchy things


PAX performed the following OYO without stop – everyone was in awe of @Focker and his ginormous Weinke! PAX ran down the parking lot roughly 75-100yds and back to the blocks where we completed each exercise with 8 reps a piece before we ran down the lot again. Repeato until we were sufficiently burnt and Q called time.

Run a lap
-8 burpees/manmakers
-8 flat back rows
-8 curls for girls!
-8 cross arm high pulls
-8 squats
-8 overhead presses
-8 triceps
-8 derkins
Rinse and Repeat.

Props to @Michelin Man for completing a not so easy beatdown and then leaving to go run a 12k!
@Engelberg – good to chat with you and hear about your experiences with growruck and thanks for making moves to bring F3 to more of our brothers.
@Compass and @Trail Boss it was great to have met you guys this morning. Way to kick some serious ass on those reps. @Johnny5 – glad to hear you are making gains and apologies in advance if your increased level of sexiness makes you continuously irresistible to your M. It’s a blessing and a curse brother! Just embrace it!


F3 credo: Leave no man behind. Leave no man where you found him. This group has changed my life. I’m a better man, more physically fit, more mindful of the ‘others’ in my life who I put before myself – my wife or (M) and my children (my 2.0s). I was a good man prior to this group. This group has made me an even better man. I can’t tell you how many times over the past 3 years now that I was impacted by my fellow PAX, whether it was because of their encouragement during a beetdown, or it was because of something they said in the CoT, or a nugget of wisdom they imparted during coffeeteria.
I was coming off a back injury, stuck in the trenches of bedside nursing during the height of the pandemic. I was not in my best shape, I wasn’t being honest with my PT, I was sitting on my ass being party to the whoa-is-me, sad sack, mentality that so often can tear a good man down. It was having negative impacts on my relationship with my wife and my kids. A fellow high school alum, and a friend/acquaintance of mine, @Forrest, reached out to me and convinced me to come out to F3 to give it a try. I gave him the same excuses I find others give me when I try to recruit. It’s very common for people to say, “I’ll come out to this group once I have time to get in shape.” Or other often received excuses: “It’s too early”
“It’s too cold”
It’s so easy to feel intimidated by others, knowing we may not be as fast or as strong as we used to be. We may not want to be as vulnerable as this group sometimes promotes us to be. The beauty of this group is that we are here for each other. There is no judgment in F3, no competition that isn’t healthy for the benefit of the workout. Men are encouraged to better themselves and welcome new members with heartfelt encouragement and excitement to have a new brother in the group. Every man who joins us brings his own gifts and strengths to better the group. This group can be life-changing, if you allow it to be. Promote it, recruit others to join, lead it and welcome your FNGs with the energy you were welcomed with. There really isn’t another group like it. Have a Happy Easter, gents. Thanks for listening to my TED talk and thanks for joining me in the gloom!