F3 Medina

Forrest’s Fun Run

Thu., May. 18, 2023


Thu., May. 18, 2023 / 05:15 am - 06:00 am / Medina Pavillion



@Shugah and @Butterfest ran tandem most of the way for 3 miles of , a bunch of loops around the park. @Butterfest is ready for half after a few runs .
@Radio ran alone on his own @Radiomade figure8 course for 2.75. @Forrest couldn’t keep up with the other 2, managed 3.6 miles with 2 loops and a nature trail loops. I need to charge my lamp…. It was getting dark in that forest.I was cautious exiting the park this morning due to a crazy lady in a station wagon zipping through the Mugrage lot.