F3 Medina

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Mon., Dec. 6, 2021

Running from Challenges

Mon., Dec. 6, 2021 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



-Neck rolls, arm circles, tippy tap (slow count), hanging stretch, bear stretch, flamingos. Then stretch on your own as @Barnum opened the work out with something to think about

Take on challenges. Taking on challenges again and again will always make you stronger and smart for the next challenges that come to you unprovoked.

Stand up to challenges, face the fear and moving forward voluntarily, convinced of your competence and ability to prevail. Challenging yourself can help to build cognitive abilities to handle external stress.

– Jordan Peterson



  • On the goal line sprint to the 10 yd line, one Burpee then run to the other call line (no jogging).
  • From the goal line run to the 20 yard line, two Burpees then run to other goal line.
  • Repeated until we reached a sprint to the opposite goal line and 11 Burpees, and yes we added one
  • Then…. We did it again going back down the ladder.


LBC, sets of 25 with some breaks till @Barnum thought the group reached breaking point, then did 25 more


We are running forward.. We are moving forward.. Thru your life, your love, thru your family, thru your relationship with god. Then something stands in the way. Something stops you from moving forward in the way in which you want to be moving in. Now you are left anxious and stressed. Its difficult and hard to now move forward again. Its Hell! The problem.. the obstacle… the responsibility….. the monster is as big as you will make it. Try to hide it away, won’t mean that it still won’t be there. There is a chaos that will build from that problem that you hide away. When that chaos comes flooding back into your life again will you get swept away by that flood.