F3 Stow

Bulldog Beatdown

Thu., Feb. 22, 2024

2 rounds

Thu., Feb. 22, 2024 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Woodridge High School



Warm up.  Tabata.  About 45 sec of exercise then to 50 and back/rest—1:05.
Mt. Climbers, Burpees, Merkins, Swimmers.


2 rounds. With “WileE Wave” merkins in second set: hold at bottom of Merkin and do THE WAVE by having each Q do a merk and say wwwwooooOOOOHhhhhhh as they do.   The wave of Merks was POWERFUL and fun. Need more than a party of 6 but still a success, I think.Ran to end zone and back.  (4-4:15 mile pace is very fast.) Ended with some core work.  Saw the Nervous Dog.


OUR CALLING.  Been thinking a lot about the idea of one’s calling in life. And what it means to be “called to” do things, like love others, with “others” including our closest neighbors (fam and friends) and other neighbors, some of whom are hard to love.  When we’re honest with ourselves, we think we’ve fulfilled our calling by loving those who are easy to love (and only so long as they’re being easy to love). I’m afraid that’s not true.  It applies to those hard to love, or to loved ones acting in a way that’s hard to love.

Or, we think we fulfill our calling when we do some or MOST of the hard things required of us. I’m afraid that’s not true either.  We are called to do things in full.

So get out there, do your best to always do the things you are called to do, difficult or not, and all of them, in full.