F3 Copley

The Beastmother

Thu., Sep. 21, 2023

Leg day, baby! Lace up those running shoes!

Thu., Sep. 21, 2023 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Started with the typical warmup exercises and then moseyed down to the field for a motivator. After that we completed a 2 lap Indian Run and 10 minutes of running the hill. We concluded the leg exercises with two rounds of lunge walking to the 25 yard line and long jumping back.


– 15 4-coins Freddy Mercury’s
– 15 4-count mountain climbers
– 20 dead bugs
– 20 bird dogs
– 1 minute plank


My message for today is about remembering the importance of slow and steady progress and pressing on through challenges. When it comes to exercise, I’ve always been more like the hare in the Tortious and the Hare story. Over the last month I’ve been working towards healing/strengthening my back and that has forced me to slow down and really focus on form and pay attention to the weak spots in my back. I want to give a shout out to @Flo for always leading by example and stressing the importance of good form. Whether helping me directly or others around me, I’ve learned from his advice and example.

On a spiritual note, this message reminds me of an old praise and worship song we used to sing at my family’s prayer group when I was a kid. Here are the words from the refrain:

“As for me I will press on in running the race with my eyes fixed on Jesus who inspires and perfects my faith. I will fight the good fight with all my heart and soul. Until the day that I’m with Jesus. The day that I am home. The day that I have won the crown.”

The words “press on” have been a sort of life motto for me. May we always strive to fix our eyes on Jesus and press on through whatever challenges come our way.