F3 Brunswick

Watershed Wallop

Thu., Sep. 22, 2022

The “300”

Thu., Sep. 22, 2022 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick



3 PAX @Leeroy Jenkins @Squid and @Ringworm (Q) braved the gloom for The 300 workout.  300 reps of an exercise split up between the PAX in as many as you can do format until 300 reps are achieved.

Exercise 1 – 2 coupon bench press with bar

Exercise 2 – 2 coupon squats with bar

Exercise 3 – 2 coupon deadlifts with bar

Exercise 4 – 100 reps of coupon over head press which got us to 1,000 reps for the morning.


I spoke about how I came to the realization last night that I have been way angrier than I use to be lately and how it sometimes spilled over.  @Squid and @Leeroy Jenkins gave me some good insight and ways to think about things and react in situations.  We had discussions on many things that may be leading to this in the world.