F3 Brunswick

Basin Beatdown

Tue., Mar. 28, 2023

The Boy Is Back In Town

Tue., Mar. 28, 2023 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick

Scratch n Sniff


2 PAX @Ringworm and (Q) @Scratch ‘n Sniff (and Wilson) held a workout to honor @Squid return, but he didn’t even show! During the workout, @Ringworm tapped into an unknown energy reserve provided by the stoic presence that Wilson’s stern visage provided.

-5 straight-arm coupon around the world pilot handlebar twists; clockwise, then counterclockwise

-10 Bulgarian split squats per leg
-15 OH press
-20 Russian twists
-25 ’Merican merkins
-until failure German coupon beer stein holds
-1 lap run around parking lot
(repeat 4x)


Leg raises


Whether you are Christian or not, think about the Easter message. If that doesn’t ring true for you, I do know you are fathers.

You have a child you love dearly.
You have an opportunity to save many BILLIONS of others.
The catch: YOUR child has to die in THEIR place.

This week, think about the level of love for others required to make that kind of decision…