F3 Medina


Wed., Jul. 17, 2024

The RADIO (love this one more than its name sake)

Wed., Jul. 17, 2024 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



8 Pax took the field for a sweaty start to the day @Solyndra @Redman @Padre @Bunny Hill @Mormon @Cadet @Shugah @UniBaller(Q)
Warmup: The Pax did some stretchy stuff which may or may not have included arm circles, downward dog, tapie taps, runners stretch followed by the debut of the Raptor (no longer referred to as the pigeon).


Pax circled up with their coupons and did 4 sets of 25 reps of an exercise of their choosing followed by a one lap run of the track. @Shugah did not disappoint anyone and ran faster than Usain Bolt best time. Hats off to @Shugah for completing what I believe to be 6 laps of the circuit. Good to see our new brothers in the group show up and perform like champions @Mormon & @Bunny Hill !!


Ever notice that people succeeding are too busy to try and drag others down? You don’t see it.You don’t find them in gossip.
You don’t find them in drama.Why?Because moving forward doesn’t include looking back or worrying about another’s business.SUCCESS IS A ONE WAY TRACK.You’re either on the track moving forward,Or you’re sitting in the dirt throwing rocks as we pass by.People living in a cesspool of mediocrity are interested in drama with you…. interested in slander and defaming you because they secretly despise  where they are, and loathe your track and the vigor that you steam forward with.Secretly they fear you.
Secretly they envy you.Men and women with purpose and passion on the track steaming forward have no time for the affairs of another.BECAUSE THEY KNOW THIS GOLDEN RULE:There are only 3 types of business.

  • MY business.
  • YOUR business.
  • GODS business.

Only one of these you have control over.
Only one of these you find success with.
Only one of these will get you results.The second you choose to involve yourself in the other two, all individual progress stops.And you’re off the track.Confusion sets in.
Anger sets in.
Frustration sets in.
Resentment sets in.You lose clarity.
You lose vision.
You lose purpose.Why?Because you have ZERO ability to control these two types of business.Yet you feverishly try.You do everything in your power to try and control ANOTHER MANS business, or GODS business.And you fail.Over. And over. And over.So the next time you find yourself in a situation where others are behind you secretly (or even openly) trying to pull you down or derail you, realize they are already beneath you, and simply tossing rocks from the dirt.They are not on the track.But don’t blame them for getting in your business.Don’t get mad that they are getting involved in your business!SMILE. It means you’re moving in the right direction.It means you’re on the track.