11 Presents

Thu., Jan. 28, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Imperial Walker
Toe Sweeps


11 Presents
1. Purzelbaum (Burpee followed by a somersault traveling a distance of 36 yards)
2. Purzelbaum backwards (2 merkins followed by a somersault backwards to go back 36 yards)
3. 28 Groiners (Plank, jump feet forward, next to hands and back to plank)
4. DMC (Duckwalk 10yds, 10 Merkin, Bearcrawl bkwds back, repeat to 20yds + 20 Merkins, repeat to 36yds + 28 Merkins)
5. Febreze (2 Big Boy, stay upright after 2nd, lift feet 6“, do 10 air press, repeat with ration 4:20 and 6:30)
6. Leg Wrecker (half pax sprints 28 yards and holds Al Gore, while 2nd half lunge walks distance, switch to return)
7. Firedrill around half the circle (quick feet until 1st PAX calls fire, drop for 1 Merkin, roll to left, 1 Merkin, roll to right, back to quick feet)
8. 5 Merkin Wipes (plank, down, when down, nose to right hand, wipe to left hand, center and up)
9. 36 Suzanne Somers right (lay on right side, legs angled until feet touch bottom, upper knees goes up and down)
10. 36 Suzanne Somers left
11. Ab 36 (on six, legs straight and lifted, draw numbers from 1 to 36 with feet in air), we evenly split the numbers and did 1-21 in first round and 22-36 in second. 28 SSH in between to fill the break.


After 11, we can be optimistic that history repeats.
You run faster alone, but you run longer as a team!
Thanks for being out there with me, you are a true motivation.