The Wormburner

Mon., Feb. 8, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Full body warmup


The Thang
1 lap Mozy
StretchingThe WormburnerStarting in one corner of the field
The Monday Motivator
Run across the goal line to other corner of the field with coupon15 Thrusters
15 DipsRun across the field in a single file line, move up the field in 5 Yard increments,
working our way to the center of the field30 Squats with Coupon
15 Alpos
15 upward rows (each arm)Worm got a little wider to the next corner of the field. 30 Drunken Mountain Climbers
15 Merkins on couponRun to the next corner of the Field

The Friday Motivator


20 Big Boys
20 heels to Heaven
20 Pass the butters
50 LBCs
Garth Brooks – courtesy of 


Praises to the F3 group for continuing to push me in
various aspects of my life. If you show up
for F3 as a way to get a free workout and get a better beach body, you are
selling yourself short. F3 can do that,
but is also an avenue to become a better leader, parent, and overall better