Partner workout

Thu., Feb. 25, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am



Mosey around the parking lot


One Partner does exercises on the goal line while the other runs
Goal line à 10 à Goal Line à 25 à Goal Line
Round 1: 100 merkins
Round 2: 100 curls
Round 3: 100 Thrusters
Round 4: 100 dips
Thursday Motivator – Normal motivator with and interesting Thursday twist


I wanted to discuss the best thing I saw last week. A slack comment from @SloMo regarding his Blood Pressure medicine and his ability to pull off some of he medicine. His point of patience was well made and it is important to understand that each and every step taken toward your fitness is an investment in your future. There is no magic bullet, but good old fashioned hard work will always pay off. Praises to @SloMo for this accomplishment!
Prayers for @FLO’s friend starting his journey to bring god into life. Prayers for @6 Pack in preparation for a second interview, Prayers for @Hurricane’s son as he prepares for his wresting match, and prayers to all that are injured.
I was encouraged to see some of these new guys starting out consistent and strong. I am talkin about you @Squeeze Box, @Carlton, @Hurricane
Good to see the Italian Stallion @Balboa make an appearance!