Back to roots

Thu., Mar. 4, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Mobility Warm Up:
1 lap mosey
Turn and bounce
M. Phelps
Abe Vigoda


Childhood memories
1st Song: 4min alternate Squat hold and SSH
2nd Song: 2min alternate Merkins and Plank Jacks
3rd Song: 2.5min alternate Imperial Walker and Burpees100yard SprintMy F3 roots
’s Walk like an Egyptian
’s Iron Hulk


Catch Mary if you can
Pax 1 at end zone, pax 2 at 20 yards
Both perform exercise, pax 2 runs backwards to opposite side after 20 reps, pax 1 follows with forward sprint after 25 reps to catch pax 2. Then swap and repeat.
2×3 rounds with:
20/25 LBC
20/25 Butterfly Crunch
20/25 Big Boys


Childhood ends the moment you first view a puddle as an obstacle instead of an opportunity.