KB Cardio

Tue., Apr. 6, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Full body warmup


2 rounds, start each exercise with the left side then switch to the right.
40 seconds/side, 5 sec. rest between
-single arm swing
-swing to rack
-standing press
-swings around waste
-swing push
-clean to press
-upper cuts
-alternating swing (switch at top)
-reverse lunge, pass bell through legs


We all face set backs in life. For me it was my recent knee injury for others it can range from broken relationships to great losses such as losing a loved one. My injury was a good reminder that I need to focus on what I can control. This ended up being my mindset, my relationships, and my nutrition. I have come out in a better place in all of those aspects. My relationship with Christ has grown, my mindset is positive, and through focusing on nutrition I am down 19lbs since my injury on January 24th. I appreciate the fellowship we have together at F3 and knowing that my bantering was “missed.” This goes to show you that each of us have an impact and play a role in the motivation of the others around us. Felt good to be back in Q this morning!