It ain’t Mount Niesen…. but it’s close!

Sat., Apr. 10, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


mosey to field – stretches:usual suspects…… head rolls,  ears to shoulder, chin(chins) to chest, arm circles,  overhead claps, seal claps,  bear squats,  back bends,  mountain climbers, zombie walkers


moseyed to the coupon stash,  grabbed 1 coupon per pair of guys,  moseyed to Glendale staircase.  Dora’d it “up”- 75 incline pushups,  75 coupon presses,  75 coupon curls,  75 dips on coupon. While 1 guy did reps the other ran up steps and then back down and then they switched places.  Once teams where done with first set they started a new set.  Ran up Cadillac Hill and then moseyed back to the field and did some mary – high planks, low planks,  alternating leg up planks.


high planks, low planks,  alternating leg up planks.


I discussed learning to feel emotions but don’t let them make one’s decisions. Circumstances around us can be emotionally challenging but we can find ways to see through the fog – F3/working out, breathing techniques (square breathing), faith.