Kick Start My Heartivator

Mon., Apr. 26, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Neck Circles OYO, Arm Circles Forward/Backward X15 4 count, Hand Claps forward and over head, Tappy Taps, Waist Bends, Bear Squats


Mosey to the North End ZoneKick Start My Heartivator:  SSH with a burpee on every WHOA YEAH! 4 minutes 40 seconds

Mosey to the hill

Shoot To Thrill Hills: Partner Work AMRAP 5 minutes 17 Seconds
-Pax 1 Sprints up hill
-Pax 2 Holds a squat
-Pax 1 Runs backwards up hill
-Pax 2 Holds a squat

-Pax 1 Runs side line to side line
-Pax 2 Performs exercise
-Merkins X137
-Shoulder Presses X137
-Curls X137
-Grave Diggers X137


-Pickle Points X20
-Big Boys X37
-Hold Plank in till the end of of Good Vibrations (over a minute)


Prayers for all the youth who are experiencing the pressures of social media, bullying, and the stress of living in a hyper connected society. Message of the day, keeping doing the reps and be prepared for the obstacles that are heading your way. Be ready to weather the struggles and take advantage of the opportunities.