KB Workout

Tue., Jun. 8, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


Dynamic warm-up


The Pax: Welcome   (kinda sorta, loved seeing you this morning get better quick)         @smoresThe Thang: 40 sec on with rest between 5 – 20 ticks between
We went through an arsenal of KB exercises that caused all of of at some point to wonder why in the he’ll we put ourselves through this. We preserved and came out better men this morning for that.


Don’t believe the lie that “I am who I am” this is not true. God created us to seek Him and once we accept Him we are to become more like Him. Accepting the lie that I am who I am is accepting mediocrity. God has plans for us that are greater than anything we could  imagine. It’s time to step out of our own way and ask God what he has in store for our lives. Enjoy the journey! Amen