Thu., Jun. 24, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


neck rolls (aka Garcias), arm circles, Micheal Phelps, tappy-taps, Abe Vigodas, flamingo stretch, bear squats


Dora on the hill: group paired up, grabbed a coupon and headed to the hill.  1 partner did shoulder presses while the other ran up the hill and back and switched.  The next trip up the hill for each was backwards.  Repeated this pattern for 7 minutes.  Fun had by all.Dora on the ground:  returned to end zone and started with a total of 200 grave diggers.  The running partner ran to and back from the 10,20,and 30 yards, stopping at the 30 to do 3 merkins and then switching with the partner performing grave diggers.  Each pair continued until reaching 200.  Next round was 300 (or whatever time permitted) air squats with the same running sequence.  More fun by all.


slow cadence pass-the-butter to 10.  40 LBCs.


prayers for @Dr. Claw goddaughter who experienced assaults at the hands of a known family acquaintance. Prayers for peace and healing amongst the families involved. Welcome to 2 FNGs @Valdez and @Precious. Thoughts of the day spurred by a customer who I learned had taken her life last year. It was surprisingly because her outward appearance and actions gave no hint to the internal burden she must have been carrying. My thought is that we never really know the burdens others (strangers, friends, family) May harbor inside in spite of outward appearance.
@SloMo reminded to sign up for July Qs. Plenty are available. If you want to control your destiny, pick a date and ask for help/ideas if you haven’t done one before. If you like the hill, leave it to chance.
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