Bringing the Band back together

Sat., Jul. 24, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am




40 seconds on 15 rest
Lower: Squats, Single leg Lunges,  Deadlifts
Upper: Front and Back Shoulder Press, Bent over Rows, Chest Press, Merkins
Core: Big Boy Pull Aparts, Over Head Pass the Butter,
3 rounds of each segment


Praises @6 Pack be at F3, @Marcus Bentley (Hot Rocks) getting married @Crew chief participated in Q in Columbus led by 13 year old. Prayers @Dr. Claw for God-daugthers @Marcus Bentley (Hot Rocks) for @Lunch Box lost job.
Word for the day: Keep Chasing Lions and make sure you are Chasing the right Lion.
Honor, Humbled and Privileged to lead you brother’s this morning.