Burning River

Sun., Jul. 25, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am




Took an early lead on Medina then just didn’t have the youth to maintain. We finished a little before 5am this morning.  Medina beat us soundly, by several hours.  We finished 9th out 9 all male teams, overall time of 21:52. Unofficial times:
-13.7m 2:31.29
 14.0m 3:00.51
 13.4m 2.29.16
 9.6m 2:14.54
 9.6m 1:49.29
 13.4m (no recorded time?)
 14.00m 3:00.09
 13.7m 2:33.58Recap: Race conditions were brutal with heavy rain early bringing mud and humidity.  Conditions did not improve as heat and muscle cramping took its toll on everyone.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms after midnight brought despair and misery on those last two souls running in the night.  Fun was had by all:smiley:.


Praises to @Pitfall and @Comeback Kid who ran their first race ever. And @SloMo running his second. Men, that was one of the toughest races I have ever been associated with. And for those three above to make it their first, is incredible. It shows the F3 mentality. Congratulations!