Delivering Ammo

Mon., Aug. 9, 2021 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am




Stretches with neck rolls left to right and looking up and down while focusing on a point behind youBuddy up and grab a coupon to carry the whole time between you and your buddy4 stations 3 laps with exercises at each station


Thank you @Hardware for sharing your perspective on what it felt like to interact with large groups of people all while being out of your comfort zone and how when we muster the courage to look beyond those self imposed obstacles we can achieve a deeper understanding of all God’s children and how we are all the same regardless of any circumstance.
Thank you @Flanders for sharing your redemption story. I’ll ask anyone curious to understand their brother’s journey to ask Flanders directly the roads he’s traveled to being the loving man he is today.
@smore’s has details on a men’s retreat coming up in mid November. He can share details for those interested.
@JarJar shared some crucial perspective on captive thoughts. here is a link to learn more.
Ended the Q with thoughts on love and what it means to love your brothers and sisters. A suggestion to all if they want to read some of the most beautiful, true and tear-inducing love stories is to read the actions that earned servicemen a Medal of Honor and how those brave men overcame debilitating fear only with the power of love to save their brothers. Only love can make you act that brave in such horrific circumstances.