One Last Party for the Year College Style!

Thu., Dec. 31, 2020 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am


-Arm Circles bigger on the 5 x15
-Michael Phelps OYO
-Turn and Bounce
-Tappy Taps
-Bear Squats OYO
-Flamingos OYO


-PRE GAME: Thundervator (Side Straddle Hops to AC/DC Thunderstruck rotating Burpees to the left, do a burpee every time you hear “Thunder” and stop at the next time you hear “Thunder” then next man up to your left)  Shout out to  and , they got the guitar solos and long refrains which meant plenty of extra burpees.-FRAT PARTY: Keg Stand (Balls to the fence in till  could not take it any longer)-BAR CRAWL: Bear Crawl from the 50 to the Goal Line and then visit 12 establishments
  1. The Pig Skin; Coupon Merkins x30
  2. The Pub: Squats with Coupons x30
  3. The Smiling Skull: Big Boys x30
  4. Paw Purrs: Rows x30
  5. Tony’s: Monkey Humpers x30 (4 count, we needed a pause around 20 on this one)
  6. Lucky’s: Standing Oblique Crunch with Coupon x30 each side
  7. Cat’s Eye Saloon: Upright Rows with Coupon x30
  8. The Junction: Coupon Swings x30
  9. Brony’s: Windshield Wipers over the Coupon X30 single count
  10. Jackie O’s: Dips using the Coupon x30
  11. Casa Nueva: Jump Lunges x30 single count
  12. The Crystal: Curls with Coupon x30
-STUMBLE HOME: 5 Manmakers
Total Reps 365 (Only way to celebrate the end of a year)


We carry a lot of stress and anxiety through out 2020, but we are not shouldering this burden alone. In all the chaos that surrounds us between family, work, and life these gatherings help keeps us centered on what is important. Lets keep supporting one another in the new year, iron sharpens iron welcome to 2021.
TAPS: Help @Dr. Claw eye heal properly and completely so that he does not turn in to a pirate.