F3 Brunswick

Basin Beatdown

Tue., Sep. 6, 2022

4 corner Benjamin's - modified to two corner

Tue., Sep. 6, 2022 / 05:45 am - 06:30 am / Lake Brunswick



We set up a square in the parking lot and did 25 reps of 4 exercises at each corner. (Benjamin’s)

Corner 1
25 Berkins
25 2 Coupon Rows with Bar
25 2 Coupon Bench Press
25 2 Coupon Deadlifts

Corner 2
25 Olympic Presses
25 Coupon Squats
25 Dips
25 Coupon Curls

We made it through 3 rounds.


25 LBCs
25 second 6” holds
25 Pickle Pointers
5 ea Coupons on the shelf (squid’s pick) or as I like to call them face flatterers.  (These are really tough and consist of bringing a coupon over your head in a V up position, resting it on the shelf (your legs) while returning your back to the ground and then V up again to retrieve it from your legs and bring it back over your face and head back to the ground behind you.