F3 Copley

The Falcon

Wed., Jun. 8, 2022

Fun in a Parking Lot?

Wed., Jun. 8, 2022 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Firestone High School



After an extended warmup of stretching out my soreness, the PAX did a short mosey to the Litchfield parking lot. The PAX circled up on the east side of the parking lot. While one PAX member ran to the other side of parking lot and back, the remaining PAX performed various exercises of a rotating PAX member’s choosing. Some of the exercises included various kinds of Merkins, Squats, squat hold, burpees, planks, Freddy Mercury, Apolo Ono, scissor kicks, pickle pointers, and many more. Great workout and group effort.


Live in and enjoy the moment. I am so consumed by worry of the future and what’s around the corner, that I’m missing out on the life I’m supposed to be living now.