F3 Copley

The Motivator

Mon., Jan. 2, 2023

0700 Misery

Mon., Jan. 2, 2023 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



SSH x 20, Sun Salutations x 2, Tappytaps x 10, Lunges x 10, Finkle leg swings, wall squat, 400m mosey


The Fun:  Beep Test only to 6.2 (little bit more than last time)

The Misery: Simulation of POW’s carrying rocks up to boat and back again (saw in the movie Unbroken).  So we carried blocks up, over, and down on the visitor bleachers.


Bigbois x 30, Oblique crunches x 12 both sides, LBC x 15 (4ct)


The marathon training had me thinking.  When we have goals ( race, distance, pace) it’s easy to train for them and when you succeed you immediately reap the rewards of your training.  But most of the time life doesn’t give you that reward.  You don’t reap the immediate benefit of the physical or spiritual training that you do. You may feel there is no reward.  The reward is given daily in the blessing of life in general.