F3 Copley

The Motivator

Mon., Mar. 27, 2023

Things I Hate to Do

Mon., Mar. 27, 2023 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Yes/No/Maybe So, Shoulder Rolls, Tappy Taps, Frog Squat Hold, Hammy Stretch


Things I Hate to do, my least favorite F3 activities – 2 minute Wall Sit, 1 minute Balls to the Wall, 800M Indian Run, 100 Merkin Shuttle Run (10 Merkins at each 10 yard line, run back to goal, repeat all the way to other goal line = 100 Merkins and 1100 yd run), Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Burpee Shuttle – Bear Crawl to 5 then 10 Burpees, Crawl Bear back to Goal, then to 10, then to 15, ended with Bring Sally Up with squats.


Freddie Mercury’s, Pass the Butters.


I chose this beat down, “I hate running, but I hate that I hate running more, so I run!”, same with burpees and crawl bears, and getting up at 4:45, and eating vegetables, making my bed, helping with laundry, etc. I hate that I hate those things so I do them. Pick the thing you hate but ought to do, and hate that you hate it more than you hate it, so do it! Right in line with @Hardware message about doing the hard thing, and @Crew Chief message on Choose Your Hard. Thanks guys ( @Crew Chief ) for pushing me through the hard things I hate to do this morning. I’m a better man for it. Couldn’t do it without my F3 brothers. Have a great day!