F3 Copley

The Motivator

Mon., Oct. 17, 2022


Mon., Oct. 17, 2022 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



head rolls, arm circles, turn outs, Cossack stretch, tappy taps, flamingos


mosey 1/2 lap to grab a coupon, proceed to 50-yard line, Dora exercise with partner. Exercise included 100 merkins on coupon, 200 big boys, 300 squats with coupon. Partner sprints across the field performs 2 burpees, sprint back to switch. Repeat until full PAX completed the exercise.


1 min exercises, Pass the Butter, Leg Lift, Plank, Side Plank (30 sec per side)


Thought of the day is around the 24-Hour Rule. Issue came up this weekend in a child’s sporting event that some parents were not happy with, and they reacted instantly. We are now implementing a 24-hour rule where if you have an issue with call, player, coach, etc. you must wait 24 hours before reacting to the issue. This principle should be applied in everyday life. We are constantly bombarded with information and opinions that we might not agree with, instead of reaching instantly wait take some time and collect your thoughts prior to reacting. Many times, these issues work themselves out and other times we have a less abrasive response if we wait.