F3 Copley

The Tomahawk

Sat., Jul. 30, 2022

Jack Webb gone crazy

Sat., Jul. 30, 2022 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Copley High School

Crew Chief


We did a ladder style coupon beatdown. After 3 exercises we did the Iditarod across the field for a expanded Jack Webb. 1 merkin, 4 overhead presses, 4 front lateral raises, 4 side lateral raises. 2 merkins, 8 overhead, front, and side laterals, etc. Iditarod back across for more ladder exercises.

The exercises were: Deadlifts, Bent over rows, Squats, Dips, Curls, Calf Raises, Pull Overs, Shrugs


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