F3 Copley

The Tomahawk

Sat., Sep. 3, 2022

IronPax Week 0

Sat., Sep. 3, 2022 / 07:00 am - 08:00 am / Copley High School



5 rounds of 20 block thrusters and 20merkins
3 rounds of 100 ft bear crawl and burpee/broad jump back ( 3 burpees for every 5 broad jumps)
Finish with 5 rounds of 20 block thrusters and 20 merkins
all for time.
Times varied from 32-48min, but all finished the work.  Nice job men!


I didn’t really have any words for today, but a question.  Piggybacking on @Radio’s COT yesterday.  How do you know when you’ve helped someone?  Most people don’t flat out come out and say “ thanks man, you saved my life!” This is a question that we can answer internally or it may not have an answer.  Just something to ponder.