F3 Copley

WOD Friday

Fri., Jul. 22, 2022

Friday Finchday

Fri., Jul. 22, 2022 / 05:30 am - 06:15 am / Copley High School



Started with 1.5 laps of an Indian Run (normal pace today) and then each Pax grabbed 2 small bricks.

From there we alternated between a set of Jack Webb’s and sprints
1 Jack Webb -> Sprint 10 Yards & Sprint back
2 Jack Webb’s -> Sprint 20 yards & Sprint back
Went up to 10 Jack Webb’s & 100 Yard sprints

Finished with a Plank Circuit consisting of:
1 minute Straight Arm Plank
30 Second Elbow Plank
2 x 30 sec Elbow Plank with one leg raised
2 x 30 sec Side Plank
30 sec Straight Arm Plank
1 min Elbow Plank
Closed with 5 Clapping Merkins


“Don’t be proud of your money, as it will never satisfy you”. It’s easy to say and resonate with, but for so much of our life we’re grinding away to earn money, but then when real life hits we realize how much more to life there is. At my job I see it all the time. People have accumulated plenty of money to live on, but they still feel that sense of lack because of health changes, relationships with family being strained, etc.