F3 Medina


Wed., May. 10, 2023

Ride the Pine

Wed., May. 10, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Various stretchy things plus the motivator


We mosied to the bleachers and performed a series of exercises using the base bench. Each exercise consisted of 4, 45-second sets with 15 seconds rest in between each set.

  • Slow bicycles above/below bench
  • Mountain climbers (4-count) + surrender
  • Elevated side plank (2 sets per side)
  • Lunges + lift off (2 sets per side)
  • Alternating incline merkins / dips
  • Elevated Abe vigota / pike merkin


  • Pickle pointers with leg extension (2 sets per side)
  • Side plank dips (2 sets per side)
  • Mountain climber / plank Jack / surrender combo


When assessing progress, focus on three areas: duration, frequency and intensity. Just because one may slip, you may excel at another (or multiple). If you’re too laser focused on one being the end all metric, you’ll lose sight on the overall picture.

Secondly, I wanted to call out my appreciation for the unique areas of strength each man brings to the group. There are some remarkable people within this group… each serving as a beacon of inspiration in their own ways – be it leadership style, physical prowess, spirituality, drive, philanthropy, connectivity, intellect, etc. etc. I very much appreciate and am thankful for the influence you fine group of humans have on my life. True role models.