F3 Medina


Wed., May. 24, 2023

Got Coups?

Wed., May. 24, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



Met at the M and did some stretchy stuff: Arms, Michael Phelps, Turn & Bounce, Tappy Taps, stretches flowing through downward dog, cobra, runner’s lunge, pigeon, catcher’s pose/groin stretch, calves and hammy’s.


Stairs cardio with block work between
*I was pouring sweat at the end of this one. I’m happy with the way it turned out! Tough workout when you start to think of running stairs as a break!PAX partnered up and one ran the stairs, while the other fella completed the following:
x10 incline Merkins
x10 decline Merkins
x10 overhead press
x20 curls for dem girls
x20 squats
-murder bunny to the next 20yds
-REPEATO until partner got back from stairs and switched placesProps to @Shugah @Barnum @Padre @Fudd for making it the furthest. Most PAX made it from West-East end zone and back to West again.


Plank variations until Q called it.


Be better; be content with a job well done; take note of what you could have done better and resolve to put that towards your next venture.I had a patient who passed over the weekend. I made the right preparations to take care of him and his family for end-of-life care, but I didn’t make the call for ‘Last Moments’ as soon as I could have. My gut was telling me I should have made the call. To my credit though, he and his family were still very well prepared for his death due to the weeks of preparation I had been completing with them prior to his final days. I kept having this nagging thought in my brain though… “I could have called it sooner.”
I took some time to reflect on what I could have done better, and I started to beat myself up as to why I didn’t. I eventually concluded that even though I had one aspect of the care that could have improved, the rest of it was good quality work. I had done a good job and I know that my patient was well cared for because of my actions. So in conclusion, with my internal discussion with myself – I patted myself on the back and I acknowledged my successes. I then took time to give myself constructive feedback as to how I can improve for future patients.
We need to be nicer to ourselves and encourage ourselves to be successful. I think this can apply to all aspects of our lives.