F3 Medina


Wed., Jul. 26, 2023

In Cadence

Wed., Jul. 26, 2023 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



10 Pax @Shugah @Padre @Dash @Garmin @Radio @Dykes @Uniballer @Cadet @junior @donkey warmed up on the 50 with some cadence movements and some stretchy things as well. Finished warming up with a lap of an Indian Run and headed to get coupons.


1st round
3 sets at 10 reps each of the following led with cadence to keep everyone together:
Lunges w/coupon

2nd round
Decline merkins
Weighted squats
Walking lunges to the 5yd and back
Skull crushers

3rd round reps of 5
Man makers
Jump squats
Prison get ups
Bent over row

300 reps at this point! Awoooo Awoooo Awoooo

4th round back to reps of 10
Hand release merkins
Side squats
Burpee (5 reps)
Overhead press


22 reps of Gas Pumps
22 reps of Flutter kicks
22 reps of LBCs
2:22 Plank


The idea of the BEE-TDOWN was to keep everyone together in cadence while paying homage to the 22 veterans a day that lose their life to suicide.  This holds near and dear to me as a veteran.  I ask all of you to keep an eye out for each other, friends, family, even a random stranger, and continue to be good human beings.