F3 Medina


Wed., Oct. 26, 2022

Deck of Death

Wed., Oct. 26, 2022 / 06:00 am - 06:45 am / Medina High School



neck rolls , arm circles, hip circles, bending forward/back, abe vigoda, bear stretch


Pulled random card from deck.

Each suit represent 1 exercise
Club = Merkin heart = mountain climbers
Diamond = Burpees. Spade = big boy
Each value on card equal reps ( A= 2 up to K=13)
We got through about 3/4 of the deck.

We also set up coupons on the goal line. When Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins showed up, we murder bunnies 25 yards and then ran back to the continue the workout. We were able to make 200 yards of murder bunnies.


American hammers, LBC, fast/slow bicycles


I wanted to give give Taps to the Minerva community/cross country team, and family of Owen Grubb. He placed around 9th place at this past weekends district cross country meet in Cambridge OH. Their team has a tradition of throwing a giant log in the river after winning. They could not locate a log, a few of the kids attempted to knock over a dead tree. The tree snapped and struck Owen. He did not survive the trauma.
This is a very sad and unfortunate/untimely death. I cannot fathom how difficult this could be for their team and family. Local teams are reaching out to Minerva and showing support by wearing red.
Please pray for them.