F3 Medina

Forrest’s Fun Run

Tue., Jan. 24, 2023

Medina Square

Tue., Jan. 24, 2023 / 05:15 am - 06:00 am / Medina Pavillion



We tried to find the least slick and clear roads Medina had to offer, most of the black ice was in the MHS back lot. No casualties today. We squeezed out 3.2 miles on a warmer than usual January morning. So glad to see @Padre back in the mix as he continues his long road to recovery. We noticed @Barnum finally took a break from us. Our assumptions are he was working, snowmobiling , or the East Coast Dip N Dot Mob has him sunk at the bottom of Lake Medina. We also were concerned for @Radio missing yesterday and the morning run. We hope he’s ok. Glad to hit the streets with my buddies after a much needed few days of R&R for my ailments.