F3 Medina

Forrest’s Fun Run

Thu., Aug. 17, 2023


Thu., Aug. 17, 2023 / 05:15 am - 06:00 am / Medina Target parking lot



We started out down Reagan parkway as a group. @Shugah @Forrest broke away from the pack and lost them. My light wasn’t much of a beacon for them to follow. Then @Brutus dropped the dead weight of our slow/fat/out of shape sloth like @Cadet. Not really sure why he showed up to be honest.

@Shugah @Forrest were approached by a potential fng  on a bike . He approved of our pace and was actually aware of our group. So hopefully he follows us in the website to get accurate location for future runs/workouts.

Great run by all… Minus @Cadet